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One Simple Thing You Should Do Right Now to Keep Hackers From Destroying Your Digital Life


Imagine if you turned on your computer and found your entire digital life was wiped: years of photos, emails, documents—gone. That happened to Wired writer Mat Honan last weekend, when hackers broke into his most important accounts. But it could have probably been prevented if he’d done one thing: Enabled “two-factor authentication” on his Gmail account.

First, go here and enable two-factor authentication before you even read this. I know, two-factor authentication sounds sooooo boring. And it is, compared to the nightmare Honan went through.

Go do this right now.

A code gets sent to your phone via voicemail or text. After logging in, you type in the code and then you can access your email. You can check the box to “trust this computer” and you won’t have to get a new code for 30 days. However, if you clear your cookies then you need a new code every time. That’ll be a lot of text messaging if you auto-delete your cookies like I do. I also don’t have a smart phone so that probably doesn’t help. Apparently you can just use the app instead of getting texts or voicemails. Facebook has it too.

Overall, cool idea but it’s impractical for me as I have a Tracfone. This is also why I have everything that I care about on a flash drive.

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