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Creative Something: The only thing


The only thing standing between you and where you want to be, is the work

I’m regularly surprised at how creatives believe their lives are supposed to work.

The artist who is stressed that none of her work is selling in galleries across the globe, even though the only pieces she’s made have been for family or very close friends. Or the musician who wants to “make…

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We have a couple coworkers at work where if you walk into the break room while they are in there they will make up a song on the spot with your name in it.

Mine is “Toni the Tiger”

Big surprise xD

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I have that exhausted excitement

I can’t sleep in because I’m too excited and have too much to do

I’ve been at my job for one year today!

I’m getting pictures of my wares today so I can put them on the net to sell

So now I’m all nervous and excited and exhausted all at the same time

*exhausted flail*

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